Never Too Late to Learn a Language (or, Why Carole King was Wrong)

Does this look like a foreign language class you have taken? If not, good; that is how it should be. If yes, I am sorry, but it’s not too late for you.

You’re wrong Carole King!


Having studied how to teach a foreign language while at the same time learning a foreign language has helped me learn how humans actually learn language. And it turns out, the overall concept is not too complicated.

Through this experience and through traveling, I have also had the opportunity to chat with many language learners about learning language.

What I hear time and again (from native Spanish and English speakers and especially from U.S. citizens) are things like:




“Stop!” I say.




They ponder.



“You listened to it, non-stop for about a year.

image Then, you mumbled a few words. After a couple years of mainly listening, you formed some sentences.

imageThen, after about six years of full exposure, you learned to read. Last came writing.”



So if you think you were a bad student or “are just bad at learning languages,” that is a load of baloney. The myth that toddlers learn language faster is also baloney (although they beat us on the accent thing…)

The load of baloney dance.

So, if you want to learn another language–DO IT!!!

I imagine it is like having a child…definitely can be a pain in the a**, but is rewarding in the end.  I mean, hey, it brought me here.


One thought on “Never Too Late to Learn a Language (or, Why Carole King was Wrong)

  1. Thanks jacey! your theory rings true to me, and the cartoons made me laugh. You are doing amazing things. Rachel is getting ready to go. I am excited for her. We will see. You soon! Mary


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